About Us

About Us

About Econaur

Econaur is India’s integrated platform for Green Building Solutions, which provides one stop solution for your energy efficient buildings. Econaur provides a platform where you can Explore Eco-Friendly products, In addition Expert Guidance from Building Consultants and comparison between Green and Non-Green Products at a single platform..

Econaur is working forward to provide a platform for the new Sustainable Companies who are contributing towards saving the environment by providing Green Products, which are beneficial for environmental health so people will get to know about benefits of using energy efficient products and can purchase it Online Conveniently. On our platforms Architects, Consultants and Product Representatives can connect together and grow this Green Moment.

We come together at Econaur, in one community of Industry professionals, Architects Individual, students and Consultants dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked. We try every possible way of doing it in our pursuit of what is next — the new technologies, new ideas and new ways forward. We are dedicated to transforming the market and changing the way the people all over the world experience buildings. Econaur brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals. We believe that it is high time for all of us to think about saving our Mother Earth. Our vision is to bring each individual together in this Revolution so that we do not only keep our environment safe but also repay what we have reap as a Human Race. We took the first step, now it is your turn.

We Feature Products That Are Aimed At The Following:

Building sustainable households/buildings/edifices
Promote the new green technologies for Buildings.
Help in curtailing pollution, reduce water wastage and energy consumption

Our Vision

We know that tons of resources being wasted in construction every day and if we go wasting the resources at the same speed than sooner, we are going to extinct our resources and become endangered. Therefore, our efforts are towards raising the awareness about sustainability and green construction, which is an alternative solution for using resources in the most efficient manner. Our intention of having a community of stakeholders, architects, consultants, and manufacturing companies, so under a single platform, anybody can communicate with anyone and know what more can be achieved in sustainable construction.

Why Econaur?

Econaur is focusing on Creating awareness about sustainable products and bringing together stakeholders on one platform. Econaur is India’s one and only Green Building Aggregator which provides assistance for making your building Green. Econaur highlights all the Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly products with innovative technologies required For Sustainable Construction.

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Incubated by iStart, iStart Rajasthan is a flagship initiative by the Government of Rajasthan intended to foster innovation, create jobs and facilitate investment. The program aims to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship which would further help in the economic growth and development of the state.

Member & Recognized by newly formed alliance of smart cities in India and connected with various smart city project managers across the country