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Modern forms of human existence, associated with rapid economic development, have contributed to an over-exploitation of renewable natural resources such as land and forests, and the exhaustion of non-renewable resources such as minerals and fossil fuels.

We have influenced the natural resources largely for our own greed. To prevent the coming generation from the depletion of the resources and to give them a better environment we need to adapt to the “Sustainable Measures” in construction.

The primary in this is the use of sand. We need to stop sand mining and adopt the measures that are “Sand free” as only this can provide us a Sustainable Life. From forcing the river to change its course to affecting the groundwater tables and adversely affecting the habitat of microorganisms, the ramifications of illegal sand mining are many.

Sand is important for groundwater recharge, on a riverbed it acts as a link between the flowing river and the water table and is part of the aquifer,” said Manoj Misra of the NGO Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan. “We have seen the impact of tampering with the rivers and their resources in the recent Uttarakhand floods. When sand and boulders will be removed in an unimpeded way using heavy machines, the erosion capacity of the river increases. Sand and boulders prevent the river from changing the course and act as a buffer for the riverbed.”

As unplanned removal of sand has severe impacts on our bio-diversity: “There are a lot of micro-organisms that are not visible and widely known but are critical to soil structure and fertility. When we dredge sand, we literally take away their habitat,”

To stop this take the sand free challenge and pledge to stop the sand mining and adopting the sustainable measures for construction and saving the environment and believe in green.



The following are the categories to submit your projects:


To be a part of this project your project should unique and promoting the “sand-free” idea. There can be both existing and new projects that depict and promote the Sand free Environment.


In this category, you can submit your video or your group video wherein you are supporting the idea of the environment based on Sand free or telling about the advantages of the sand-free Products. It could be either short or illustrated video.

You can either send us your video or tag us on Social Media Platforms @Econaur and #SANDFREECHALLENGE.


To take apart you can submit any image depicting and influencing the sand-free environment and spreading the awareness of the same.

You can either send us your images or tag us on Social Media Platforms @Econaur and #SANDFREECHALLENGE.


In this category unique blog or article, showing the impacts and throwing some light on the sand-free sustainable products and their uses that why people need to stop using the sand and start believing in a healthy environment will be appreciated.

You can either send us your blogs/articles or tag us on Social Media Platforms @Econaur and #SANDFREECHALLENGE.



In this category, you can submit your unique idea/ project idea where we can make the construction sand free. The project and the idea will be displayed on our website.

#the best three from all the categories will be chosen randomly.

#the winners will get the Vouchers/Award/Visit to the factory.




This challenge and initiative are taken up Perlcon and Econaur as its time to stop the use of SAND and use the products which have no severe impacts on the Environment and that can act as an alternative for the same.



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