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Air Conditioning Technology & Solutions

Air conditioning is a process of controlling temperature, humidity and purity of air. We provide energy efficient air conditioning products which reduces carbon footprint, have longer lifespan and uses low electricity.

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Chiller is a compressor based equipment which cools as well as controls the temperature of a liquid. Eco-Friendly chillers can have a huge impact in terms of energy use efficiency and environmental impact i.e. offering zero global warming potential.

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LED Lights

LED Lights are used for transmitting light for purpose of illumination. Eco-Friendly LED lights can lasts longer, release less heat, reduces energy bills, more durable and emits no UV.

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Cooling Machines

Cooling machines like water coolers, air coolers are used to eliminate the heat from a system. Eco friendly cooling machines reduces energy cost, carbon emissions and have quieter operation.

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De Humidifiers

Dehumidifiers are used to control the humidity or sometimes musty odor in the air. We have dehumidifiers which improves air quality and are energy efficient.

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Lighting Fixtures

A light fixture, light fitting, or luminaire is an electrical device that contains an electric lamp that provides illumination. All light fixtures have a fixture body and one or more lamps.

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Lighting Management Systems

Lighting Management System is essentially a comprehensive automation system of lighting control based on Occupancy/daylight. The settings are easily programmable to create customized lighting scenes.

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Solar Products

Solar energy products uses the cleanest, renewable energy sources available. We have solar products which can be used for diverse application, requires low maintenance cost, reduces electricity bills and uses renewable energy source.

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Lighting Sensors

A light sensor is an electronic device used to detect light. It converts light input into corresponding electrical output. These are easy to integrate, needs small power for operating and reduces energy consumption.

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Energy Efficient Pumps/motors

Energy efficient pumps/motors will significantly reduces the consumption of energy which will result in low electricity bills, produce less waste and fewer undesirable emissions.

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Security Systems

Security Systems are used to secure entry points like doors and windows.

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Energy Efficient Material Blogs

Solar Energy – Important & Main Alternative Source Of Energy

Solar Energy, as named the energy that we get from the Sun. Nuclear-powered fusion occurring in the sun releases an enormous amount of energy in the form of heat and light. Several techniques are available for collecting, adapting and using solar ene...