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Floor Tiles

Flooring is covering the floor with any finished material to provide a walking surface. Our floor tiles reduces demands from eco-system, cost effective, water resistant, durable and improves air quality.

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Wall tiles

Wall tiles are used for decorating walls, small, can't bear much weight and not as strong as floor tiles. They're easy to install, cost efficient, energy efficient, durable, gives healthy and stylish lifestyle.

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Eco-Friendly furniture is the new trend. Furniture which doesn't cause any harmful effect to the environment. Eco-friendly furniture is more affordable, prevents deforestation, minimum impact on the environment and also looks unique.

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Recycled wood

Wood recycling is process of turning waste timber into usable products. Using recycled wood products means less trees goes down, also saving money and reduce in methane gas emission while decomposing wood.

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Wallpapers are the current trend in interiors having textures and lively patterns. They give character and depth to any room that is otherwise just a collection of four walls.

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Decoration products

Decoration Products includes ceramic wash basins, ethnic tiles, pebbles, wooden flooring, lights, metal cladding, outdoor wicker and teak furniture. These products gives a unique and classic look to your home interiors.

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Designer Doors

Designer doors made up of vinyls, woods, glasses, and aluminium provides more elegant and stylish design to your door. Doors are heat resistant, protects from wind & storm, which in turn saves energy and money.

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Carpet is a floor covering made from thick woven fabric. New sustainable carpets are used for sound insulation, acoustics, are easier to clean and maintain, also keep health safe by trapping dust.

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Paints & Varnishing

Paint is a coating for decoration and protection of building. Varnish is a transparent hard protective film or finish. We are providing paints which are environment friendly, safer for health and UV resistant.

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