Green vs Non-Green

Why Green Products?

Green Buildings, “A Green Building is a type of building designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable”.

India’s green building market is still in its nascent stages, but it is rapidly growing. Increasing number of people are now well aware of the positive impact a green building brings for our environment, hence they are considering to invest in them even if they have to pay few extra bucks for it. Owing to features like sustainability and environment-friendly, the idea of green buildings largely focuses on efficient use of energy, water, and material. It also helps in cutting down the negative impact of the building structure on human health. Furthermore, it expands the overall life-cycle of the building. With new technologies constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the benefits of green building can range from environmental to economic to social. By adopting greener practices, we can take maximum advantage of environmental and economic performance. Green construction methods when integrated while design and construction provide most significant benefits. Benefits of green building Include reducing water wastage , Conserve natural resources , Improve occupant productivity , Improve quality of life , Minimize strain on local infrastructure , Improve occupant health and comfort .

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